Whole New Oblivion

by West Goast

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released December 19, 2013



all rights reserved


West Goast Victoria, British Columbia

Dissipating from a southern tip on the pacific northwest, West Goast is haunting your sunny day and directing your attention to the first smoky shadow you see. Step right up and fall into the world of unbridled power contained in these Expressions of Contradiction. ... more

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Track Name: Swallowing Salt
I tried
To find out
I hide
All the time

your tears fall in one spot
and before I drink them all up
i swim the pool they make at your feet
and I the river than breaks from your teeth
then I sail the ocean behind your eyes

swallowing salt can't taste anything else
Track Name: Coffee and Tea
I like my cup of tea in the morning babe
No sugar I'm much too sweet
I like my cup of tea in the morning when I haven't gone to sleep
And the Sun's just laughing at me

I like my cigarette in the morning babe
No filter I'm much too mean
I like my cigarette in the morning when I haven't gone to sleep
And the moon's pouring another pot of coffee

Hot Coffee
Track Name: Recital
Mary floating by
I know what you like
There is no time that I wouldn't hide
To rope up my intestines
But I lie to you
I lie

So far away
You greet the dying day
Spirit of night
Lonely traveler with all the others they begin to recite
Poetry of minds
Burned by sunlight
Spirit only fly at night
Track Name: Love Song
And so I walked her
Through my garden of fear
Hair blowing in the wind
We touched the roses
And snapped off the thorns
She said
Let me hold you hand
And we whispered to each other
In the afternoon sun

I will never miss you
Because you're always right here

I wish I could sing what I wanted to
Loudly over you
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